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Naomi Louise Rae - BA Hons, UKCP Reg, MBACP Acc






Welcome to the website of Naomi Louise Rae. B.A.Hons, UKCP Registered Psychotherapist, MBACP & UKCP Accredited Registered Psychotherapeutic Counsellor. I am also an IMAGO International Relationship Trained Therapist. My practice is based in Lancaster, Lancashire. In easy reach of M6. I am also able to support you wherever you may be, in whatever country or location- via Skype to enable remote working. 

I am a Consultant Specialist at BMI Healthcare Private Hospital, Meadowside, Lancaster and approved provider with leading healthcare insurance companies to deliver clinical therapeutic services (See below for companies I am registered with). It may be necessary for you to have a referral from your G.P. or Psychiatrist prior to approve service delivery and payment of fees.

I bring my understanding, warmth and sensitivity to my meetings with you.  In this, I help to create a safe space in which you can explore your issues and experiences with the aim of enabling you to create more life enhancing choices and to live your life more fully. 

I work with couples, individuals, young people and children offering therapy. There may be times in our lives when we feel stuck and our difficulties seem insurmountable. We may see the changes that are needed but have lost sight of the means and road to take us there. Counselling and psychotherapy can often help.

Can you imagine talking in a way that moves you in a direction that enhances your choicefulness and honours your being?Talking with an experienced therapist can help us become more aware of who we are and how we function in the world. With increased awareness and support from the therapeutic relationship we can develop our capacity for choice and change. 


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